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Restrictions for travellers due to the Corona Virus

Various countries have issued temporary entry bans or at least entry restrictions for various citizens.

Most embassies also do not issue a visa if the traveller has recently travelled to one of the following countries: China, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Please note that new restrictions are currently being introduced daily and AVS does not have all the information from the embassies and the expected restrictions.

More details can be found here: NEWS

One-stop – Travel & Immigration –Shop
Your complete solution for staff assignments

Welcome to your new service portal for work and residence permits worldwide. We are pleased to introduce our new service to you:

As a loyal AVS business customer, you are used to us being by your side with competent and reliable assistance with all types of business visas around the globe.  And for more and more countries.

Striving every day to provide our customers with better and more comprehensive service, our new offer is responding to the increased demand to work for you even when business visas alone are no longer sufficient. Of course you are used to us also advising you on long-term personnel assignments.                                                 

Since advice on its own does not always lead to the desired result, we are pleased to inform you that we can now offer complete solutions for your company, because now we can also provide you with work and residence permits. We are thus responding to the many friendly suggestions from our customers, who want a one - stop - shop solution for the planning and implementation of legal entry and residence of their employees.

Whether carrying out a long-term assignments providing After-Sales services such as installation, assembly and maintenance work, SAP- implementations at your affiliate or a customer’s site or doing a project with a customer requiring long-term posting: we are now here for you. The advantage for you: one contact person at home and abroad instead of many, and no longer a need to take account of time zones. In addition, your company regains full control over employee assignments and more independency from the willingness of your end customer to support you in visa procurement.     

We analyze the starting situation with you:

For example, you will receive a major order outside of Europe: some of your employees will only be on site for weeks, others may go well beyond 90 days.  Which visa do you need? Is the stay under 90 days still covered by a business visa?  When do your employees need a work permit?  How do you get that and what is the preparation period you need to budget for?  Do you need a branch office to apply for a work permit?  If yes, what can you do if you do not have one, but cannot create one only for this purpose?

When these questions are answered you can begin your planning.

We come up with a plan with you

We help you to prioritize the processes: Which employees need which work permits and visas? For which employee can less expense be expected and for which employee more (for example because of nationality or qualification)?  Who needs a visa right away, who should get a visa now and who later?

How long is the preparation time in your company (minimum-maximum), how long are the processing times at the authorities at home and abroad? Once these questions have been clarified, you can optimize your assignment planning and concentrate on what is essential for you in your work.      

We will inform you about the official procedures and the required documents

Depending on the destination country, the expense can be very high or reasonable. What documents do you need, what do you need to acquire internally or externally? What do you need from your staff?  How can we help you procure i.e. legalized and translated documents?

Once you have a rough idea of the process, you can refine your planning and proceed step by step to implement your staffing.

We coordinate the entire application domestically and abroad

We help you to compile the documents, check them for completeness and correctness and submit them to the competent authorities abroad.  We receive any queries and coordinate the answer with you. Once the work permit has been received, we arrange the appropriate work visa where necessary. Depending on the country, for example in the case of the USA, South Africa or Turkey, where your employees have to appear in person, we prepare the documents for the consular appointment of your employee.  Then we check the visa issued for accuracy.           

Post – Arrival Phase

We also take care of your employees after arrival, for example when they need to talk to the responsible migration authority about a residence permit or register or de-register. We check the entry stamps and correct any incorrect entries when necessary. In some countries, we help provide local social security coverage or work permits for accompanying relatives and register your employees with the tax authority.

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