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Important note on fingerprinting for visa applications

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As a result of the introduction of biometric visas, for which fingerprints are now required, each applicant must appear in person at the Visa Center from 12.01.2021. The submission of fingerprints is valid for 5 years, provided that the application is made with the same passport. Thus, AVS can fully recover the subsequent visa applications (within the 5 years).

At the time of application, AVS can meet the applicants at the Visa Center so that only the fingerprints must be submitted by the applicants - we can continue to carry out the rest of the process (see Guideline).



Entry requirements (COVID19)

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Do you need information about the entry requirements of a specific country? We always try to be up to date for you. In this new situation it is unfortunately not easy for us to update all countries. Among most countries you will find the latest entry regulations, you will find this information at the Corona Symbol - Entry (COVID19).

Do you have a country where this information is not available? Write us an e-mail: or call us: 0848 55 00 55

Price increase from 01.01.2020

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AVS allvisumservice GmbH is constantly reacting to the changing customer needs and requirements of embassies and visa centres. New challenges will also await us in 2020. AVS is in the process of preparing itself technically and in terms of personnel. New systems and an automation of the orders are pending. Our TEAM is being expanded. This will enable us to ensure our high service quality and at the same time offer improved services. Since 2007 AVS has been serving you with unchanged prices. In order to react to the new requirements and circumstances, AVS will have to raise prices for the first time as of 1 January 2020. Our prices are published on our website under the respective country, in the document/PDF "Prices" and can be called up at any time. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to an exciting new business year based on partnership. Your AVS allvisumservice GmbH.

eVisa Russia & Saudi Arabia Tourist

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Since recently it is possible to apply for an eVisa for a few cities in Russia. Our online form will go online at the end of 2019 and you can easily apply for it through your trusted partner.

Since the 3rd quarter of 2019 it has also been possible to apply for a tourist eVisa for Saudi Arabia for various nationalities. We are also your partner for the correct application. With this eVisa you can also enter Saudi Arabia for business meetings and conferences. For technical services such as installations, assembly etc. the visa must still be obtained through the embassy. This form and various information can be found under the following link:

UPDATE: Visa application China ZURICH

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The Consulate of China is becoming more and more restrictive in accepting visa applications from week to week. The requirements for the application and the supporting documents are strictly complied with, and divergent applications are rejected without exception. In order to avoid rejections and thus delays in applying for a visa, we ask you to implement the following information immediately:

  • Invitation letter from China:
    The letter of invitation must be addressed to the consulate in Zurich. Should the letter be addressed to the embassy, ​​or for Bern, the visa application will be rejected.
  • Correct addressing:
    Consulate General of The Peoples Republic of China, Mythenquai 100, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Application with foreign passport, with 2 simultaneous nationalities:
    The Consulate of China will only accept visa applications with the passport / nationality that is registered in the residence permit (Ausländerausweis) of Switzerland.
  • Pass validity:
    The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the visa validity. For a single entry visa, which is valid for 3 months, the pass must therefore be valid for 9 months, on the day of the visa application on the visa center.
  • Visa application, point 1.22 + 1.23:
    Paragraph 1.22, Marital status and 1.23 must be compulsory and stated in any case. At least 1 member of the family must be registered.
  • Visa application, point 4.1:
    The visa application must always be signed personally by the applicant.

Traineeship end of Elia Cina

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At the end of November 2019 our trainee Elia Cina left AVS allvisumservice GmbH. In the new year he will complete the military recruiting school and then reorientate himself professionally. We would like to thank Elia for his good service and wish him all the best and much success for the future.
Please contact our personnel office in Bern if you had contact with Elia Cina.

eVisa for New Zealand

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From 1 October an eVisa is required to enter New Zealand.

You can apply for it on our website on the following link:

UPDATE: Important note about entering China

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When entering China, the following must be presented with
immediate effect, according to the type of visa:

- Business visa: copy of invitation letter
- Tourist visas: copy hotel bookings and air tickets

UPDATE: Important note about the new visa center fees from China

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Day Express is no longer available
Please note that with the opening of the Visacenters, China will also abolish the same-day express. That means, the same-day express is now called urgency and the passport returns is new on the following working day after 12 o'clock. The surcharge for the visacenter in this case is CHF 280.-

2 days Express new in 3 days:
The 2-day Express is now called Express. The application now takes 3 working days and costs an additional CHF 215.40

Standard also gets more expensive:
The standard application continues to take 4 business days and costs CHF 118.50 surcharge

It now requires the following documents:
Earlier visa China

  • Copy of the last visa for China

Furthermore we kindly ask you to attach the following documents each time in the future:

Previous passport or additional form

  • If the passport has been issued on January 1, 2015 or later, additionally theoriginal, previous passport. If the previous passport is not available, a statement signed in the original (download), must be enclosed with the documents.

Visa fees and AVS processing fees remain unchanged.

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