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United Kingdom

Important information on processing times!

Please note that a visa application applied for at Visacenter in Geneva can be issued fastest within 2-3 weeks if you pay a priority surcharge. At Visacenter Zurich, the priority process takes 4-8 weeks. Standard processing takes about 4 weeks longer. These processing times are due to the very short availability of the Visacenters in Zurich and Geneva.


Responsible Office

Responsible Office

Please send all your documents to our office in: Zurich



Applying for a visa for the UK requires various preparations and system entries. We have created an application form for you, making the process and access to the required information much easier.

We take care of your data collection, advance the consulate fees and arrange your appointment at the UK Visacenter in Zurich or Geneva. For the online form you will need a scan of your passport and a photo in color, as well as for married persons or persons with children, passport scans of your spouse and/or children. Please note that you must not wear glasses or headgear on the photo. For non-Swiss or non-Swiss citizens, a copy of your residence title (L, B, C) for Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein is additionally required.

As soon as we have submitted your application to the Embassy and the preparations have been completed, we will provide you with the necessary information on the required documents, the documents we have prepared, the payment receipt and confirmation of appointment for your appointment at the Viscenter.

Visa application fees:
(advance payment is required for private individuals)
Visa fees standard collection:
Visa validity of 6 months, from issuance: EUR 116.00
Visa valid for 2 years, from date of issue: EUR 439.00
Visa valid for 5 years, from issuance: EUR 796.00
Visa centre fees: EUR 96.00
Priority Visa, Visa Centre fee: EUR 268.00
AVS processing, standard: CHF 189.00, excluding VAT.
AVS processing, priority: CHF 229.00, excluding VAT.

All prices according to UK authorities. Depends on exchange rate. Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.

Order your UK Visa simply via AVS!

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Processing time

Processing time

Receipt of dates and documents for the interview:
2 - 3 working days after receipt of the application, if complete
Appointment availability of the embassy:
Within 5 - 15 working days after receipt of your visa application
Duration to obtain visa / passport after your appointment:
Normal collection: 15 - 25 working days
Express collection: 5 - 10 working days



Currently there are no specific information’s available.


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