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Restrictions for travellers due to the Corona Virus

Various countries have issued temporary entry bans or at least entry restrictions for various citizens.

Most embassies also do not issue a visa if the traveller has recently travelled to one of the following countries: China, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Please note that new restrictions are currently being introduced daily and AVS does not have all the information from the embassies and the expected restrictions.

More details can be found here: NEWS

World Trip

If you have such a beautiful project, then you should have a smooth visa procurement. Be on the safe side and leave the visa management to the AVS professionals who prepare your visa reliably.

The requirements of each country - depending on your travel route - may at first sight limit your desired flexibility, as the visas may not be valid for a long time or you may not be able to get multiple entries. Our experience of more than 10 years will also benefit you here and open doors that seemed to be closed.

Please contact us early so that we can prepare and issue your travel documents (such as visas and exchange / second passport) in an optimal way, together with you, so that you have all the visas at an early stage before your departure.

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