Visa to Switzerland - as a visitor or tourist (no business visa)

The world is getting smaller and smaller, destinations have become accessible. Friendships abroad arise. For Europeans, the world is easy to discover with or without a visa. Our passport already contains a number of visas, all other countries can easily be traveled with a visa through AVS.

However, friends and relatives, partners abroad need a visa for Switzerland, depending on their nationality. The person abroad must give the application to the authorities or their representatives on a personal interview. And here we come into game for you and offer you experienced and professional support. We have the following services for you, depending on your requirements, either individually or in a "kit system":

  • advice in general or specific, such as requirements for documents, etc
  • Creation of invitation / guaranty
  • arranging the obligatory Schengen guest insurance
  • Telephone assistance from the guest in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Thai

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